Magic Nurse Rob Makes Hospital bedside, Clinic, and Home Health Visits!!

Camp John Marc
 Magic Class

MagicNurse Rob recently spent a week as a camp nurse for Camp TLC.  During this awesome week, we enjoyed a great magic class each day and prepared for a big show on the last night of camp.  The Magic Class did a fantastic job learning magic, and put on a GREAT SHOW for their friends at camp!

Making Magic Medical rounds throughout a variety of clinical settings, MagicNurse Rob is armed and ready to produce dozens of magical effects for just the right time and appropriate situation. Whether confined to a wheelchair or gurney, in a hospital bed or in a procedure room, the right magical distraction at the right time can melt fear and anxiety away in an instant, and create a fun moment for the patient and their family. Adding a little magic at the right times is what makes a magical care provider so special in the caring professions.

MagicNurse Rob's misson is to continue and propagate this Magical Care Provider approach to physicians, nurses, and medical professionals. Inspired by the playful spirit of the famous Patch Adams, medical staff can learn to infuse performance arts into their clinical practice to lift the spirit, increase joy, reduce stress, decrease anxiety, provide magical distraction and wonderment to patients and their families.

The magic effects are not difficult to learn, and can change the way you approach medical care forever. When you can make a child smile and laugh, in an instant changing fear to cheer, you will find more personal joy, and reduce your own stress. When you transform yourself into a Magical Care Provider, you can be a great performer and never have to quit your day job!