The Fusion of MAGICAL Arts and Medical Science

Creativity has Healing Powers! Learn how to find your Magic and become a Super-Star Clinical Performer!!
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 Official Spring Release:
   April 15, 2017


"Magic Nurse Bedside Artist" an inspirational adventure that combines Art with Medicine to deliver magic and laughter to patients.

Rediscover the joy of human connection, and the art of caregiving.

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Thank you Clare Meirs and Dallas Morning News for Sharing in this loving work!!  

THIS JUST IN:  Latest Issue of "The Harmonizer" Barbershop Harmony Society

2014 Barbershop Harmony Society International Championship
 The Vocal Majority presents: 
 "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"

 Gesundheit!   means "good health"  

September 2012, I took a humanitarian clown trip with Dr. Patch Adams (the real one) to Costa Rica. It was an amazing experience.  Check out the photo gallery! My warmest thanks and gratitude to the Gesundheit Institute staff for the most rewarding clowning experience I could have ever imagined. Thank you Patch, for inviting and inspiring me to chase my wildest dreams!!  Click the picture to link to Patch's website.

 "MagicNurse Rob" is a practicing RN, with a background in ER and Pediatrics. Rob combined his lifelong passion for performance art, music, and magic with his caring bedside manner to provide unique hospital based entertainment and education for patients. Utilizing the Healing of Magic Program,  Rob provides personalized instruction in magic, helping patients achieve new skills while aiding rehabilitation, building confidence, and enhancing self image.    

As a Clinical Performance Artist, Rob provides workshops and in-services to medical professionals, caregivers, and church visiting ministries to use performing art skills in magic, music and comedy to enhance their clinical practice or care missions.  

Learning to infuse performing arts into your practice gives you a unique ability to reduce patient anxiety and stress, and bring fun into your patient care approach. "Changing Fear into Cheer" is the ultimate reward for clinical performers. Call for clinical magic workshop details.

Tater the Clown is NOT a Real Doctor

 But he DOES make Housecalls!! 

Making Magical Musical Clown Visits 

Wherever Smile and Laughter Therapy is needed!!

  When Your Loved Ones are Down...

 Send In the Clowns!!! 

Way More Fun than sending Flowers!! 

MagicNurse provides a variety of Hospital Bedside entertainment options for children and adults of all ages: servicing all Dallas/ Ft Worth area Hospitals and Care Settings. Schedule a MagicNurse visit, and give a lasting memory! 

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